Get Pumped with Babymetal’s KARATE Music Video

One year ago today BABYMETAL dropped the inspirational music video for their lead single off of their sophomore album, and it proved to be a seminal moment for the band.  At the time they released “KARATE” they were still dealing  from the rough bout of heavy criticism and controversy surrounding them.  As if being teens was not enough, they were suffering from metal-heads who despised the idea of J-pop bastardizing their precious music.

They also received large amounts of praise for their genre-blending debut, and despite the resentment they endured from bitter misogynists and not-so-subtle xenophobes, they did just that: endured and moved forward.  The theme of the “KARATE” music video is clear and clichéd, but that is exactly why they have a global fan base capable of filling up stadium-sized venues.

The best part is surely the bridge because it hammers home the central point as well as changes the song enough to give chills.  You can just hear the triumph over the patriarchy and oppressive structures that hold these three young Asian women down.  They fall down, but together they get up and destroy their obstacles.  It is corny, powerful stuff, but it is okay to enjoy the corny and powerful.  Let yourself feel those emotions.

GET PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

babymetal concert




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