DJ’s 2016 Music Awards Plus The Top 10 Tracks of the Year

Earlier this month I published my top 10 albums of the year, and now it is time for a lighter take on the year’s music.

Most “Wait….WTF Am I looking at?!?!?!” Album Cover


Pixies – Head Carrier

And I’m not sure if I want to figure out what is on this hideous and unfortunate album cover.

Most Allegorical and Emblematic Album Cover (TIE)


Solange – A Seat at the Table


2016 condensed into two phenomenal album covers.  I’ll leave you to interpret the art for yourself, but I find them incredibly allegorical and symbolic.

Most Artistically Stunning Album Cover


Deftones – Gore

Most “Despite Everything Turning to Complete Shit Before Our Eyes Let’s Just Party And Have Fun!!!!!” Album Covers (Slideshow, because, the more the merrier the party)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Making a 2016 party playlist would be fun, but that would take a long time.  This is just a collage of fun 2016 album covers that to me say, “fuck it, let’s throw a party with our friends and feel good, even if it is only for a short while.”

Most Heartbreaking and Emotional Music Video

PUP – “Sleep in the Heat”

Most Artistically Stunning Music Video

Jamie XX – “Gosh”

If you own a pet or pets then the PUP video might be too difficult to watch, but I guarantee it is beautiful.  The Jamie XX video is gorgeous on a whole other level.  It is one of most engrossing, mesmerizing music videos I have ever seen, and its replay value is incredible.  That one is a must watch, and if you’re curious about how it was made, check out this interview.

Most Listened to Songs on My iPod from 2016

10 – “Sober” – Blink-182 – 79x

9 – “Copper Wire” – The Range – 80x

8 – “Delete Me” – Posture and the Grizzly – 80x

7 – “Fever Queen” – Nothing – 80x

6 – “Your Best American Girl” – Mitski – 85x

5 – “50/50” – For Everest – 92x

4 – “Lazarus” – David Bowie – 95x

3 – “Karate” – BABYMETAL – 113x

2 – “Mandy” – Posture and the Grizzly – 132x

1 – “No” – Nicolas Jaar – 136x

Most Overrated Album


I’ve been a huge fan of Drake for his whole career, and I have always wondered when he was going to come down to earth.  After releasing 2011’s best album Take Care, I was pleased that he was able to put out two really solid records.  A lot of people I know still love Views, but as a whole it is his worst album, one that feels bloated and uncharacteristically insincere.

DJ’s Summer “On Repeat” Album 


Infectious and full of beach-like vibes, Roosevelt’s self-titled was on repeat for me this summer.

Best Opening Track

“Fill in the Blank” – Car Seat Headrest

My criteria for best opening track is simple.  Find the best first song that sets the tone on a really good album.  “Fill in the Blank,” does this more than adequately and the lyrics, to me, are appropriate and masterfully poetic given the way 2016 went.

Best Closing Track

“Close to You” – Rihanna

My criteria for best closing track is also simple.  Find the best last song that brings closure to a really good album.  The song needs to allow for reflection and is often times more serene than the songs that preceded it.

The Top 10 Tracks of 2016


10“2 Phones” – Kevin Gates

9 – “White Ferrari” – Frank Ocean

8“Panther Like a Panther (Miracle Mix) (feat. Trina)” – Run The Jewels

7“50/50” – For Everest

6“Karate” – Babymetal

5“Radiate” – John Morrison

4 – “Your Best American Girl” – Mitski

3“No” – Nicolas Jaar

2“Lazarus” – David Bowie

1“Cranes in the Sky” – Solange


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